Employees should bring any suspected case of substance abuse to the attention of their immediate superior or other appropriate person.

 Personnel working Offshore are to remember that vessel Masters have the responsibility and extensive powers to ensure safety and maintain order and discipline.

VM Marine reserves the right to take any action it considers appropriate if it believes that any one on company business or at any of its work locations is in breach of this policy. Such action may include seeking medical help, sending the individual home or disciplinary action up and including summary dismissal from the company.


VM Marine employees, contractors and sub-contractors shall not produce, supply, and offer to supply, possess or consume drugs other than in accordance with the directions of a registered doctor, dentist or other medical practitioner at any time whilst on duty at a company work location, vessel or elsewhere. 

Personnel joining vessel, who have been prescribed medication to be taken whilst offshore or within 48 hours of joining a vessel, shall inform the Master immediately on joining the vessel. The Master may seek medical advice as to the individual’s fitness to work.


VM Marine has a “DRY SHIP” policy. The supply possession and consumption of alcohol on board any company operated /chartered vessel is strictly FORBIDDEN. It is prohibited to be intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol whilst on duty at any of the company’s work locations/vessels. The rule for personnel whilst on duty or preparing to go offshore is that their blood alcohol level should not exceed the max limit specified for driving a car or as may be modified by the end user client policy, whichever is more stringent. If it is not defined by above, max. BrAC (Breath Alcohol Concentration) should not exceed 25 micrograms/ decilitre (µg/dL). This roughly corresponds to 56 mg/dL (milligram per 100 ml) when tested in blood (BAC). 

Solvents and other substances

The abuse of solvents and other substances by company employees or contractor personnel is forbidden at all times. 


Any individual involved in an accident or injury or appears to be in impaired condition at work may be required to submit to tests for the presence of illegal drugs, alcohol or other substances. 

Company will provide one breath analyzer to each ship. When the ship is operating outside the UAE, Chief Mate will carry out the breath tests in presence of master. Master will carry out the breath test of chief mate in presence of Chief Engineer. Frequency of breath test is at least once every 3 months. Record of tests shall be emailed to Manager QHSSE and original copies kept onboard by chief mate. 

Sampling rate for breath test will be as tabulated below: 


No. of crew including catering staff

No. of crew to be tested




















In addition to onboard tests by crew, company managers will also conduct breath tests when they board the vessels. 

It must be noted here that the selection of crew for tests will be at the discretion of the master and the same crew can be asked for the test in the subsequent schedule. This is important from safety point of view. Otherwise, the crew who were tested last time around may develop a feeling that because they were tested last time around, they will not be tested this time.


VM Marine reserves the right to conduct searches, if there is a reason to believe that illegal drugs, alcohol or other substances may be present at company work locations. These may include search of baggage, personal effects, lockers and quarters. 

       Disciplinary action

In the event of any one contravening this policy or refuses a test and/or search as specified in above paragraphs, the company shall take whatever disciplinary action it considers appropriate. This may include following: 

    • Contacting the civil authorities like police, coast guard, customs
    • Sending the individual home
    • Deduction of wages
    • Summary Dismissal


Promulgated on 26 Mar 2012


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