Competitive Strengths

We have identified the following key competitive strengths that contribute to our ability to compete in our businesses:

We are able to meet the stringent requirements of our major customers

We go through bid process and tenders for many of our projects and these projects are awarded to us based on several factors; one of which is our ability to meet the requirements of our customers with alacrity.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service in terms of quick response time, efficient service and attentiveness to customers’ demands. We seek to minimize operational downtime for our customers and are prompt in handling vessel breakdowns and machinery malfunction. We believe that our attentiveness in addressing our customers’ concerns and resolving issues with hands on approach differentiates us from our competitors.  

We are able to provide efficient shore-based support for our customers

Our Group is able to provide shore-based support to ensure quality services to our customers’, and efficient. We are flexible in deploying resources and manpower to ensure smooth operations. Our commitment to provide quality services to our customers has given them the needed confidence and assurance.  

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